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Better Homes
ERV: energy recovery ventilation delivers the purest new air circulating in your home, while lower your heating and cooling costs
Better insulation: 12 & 16 inch walls with environmentally friendly cellulose insulation
Airtight homes: Zero draft homes gives you control over the interior environment
Structurally sound: double stud walls = better load distribution
Window Performance:
3X-glazed windows increase climate control in your home
Acoustic sealing and 15 mil vapor barriers eliminate radon penetration

Design Principles

The standard for Zero House Designs is based on five principles: air-tightness, controlled ventilation, waterproofing, heating and cooling, and electrical loads

Wealth-Track (PBS): Christine Harada, President i(x) Investments "Investors really should be looking at those investments that reduce GHG, ...real estate, mas-transport, electric vehicles or charging infrastructure..."


Stronger than conventional homes, ZHD homes , take advantage of advanced engineering designs; your walls are 16" thick, utilizing double stud framing.